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protitle_bg.pngDevelopment history

Jiangsu Changhai Composite Materials Co., Ltd . was established in May 2000, focusing on the production and sales of fiberglass products.

Through years of development and independent innovation, Changhai has been able to compete successfully in the fiberglass industry. Now, the company has been a large-scale scientific and technical enterprise with 30,000 tons of glass fibers and 20,000 tons of fiberglass products production capacity, and its annual sales reached 300 million. By the end of 2009, the company has more than 250 staff.

In 2007, the company had successfully completed the first domestic E-glass furnace (with an annual output of 30,000 tons), which ranked the fifth-largest pool kiln production lines in China. The total investment of this project was 25 million dollars and in March 2008 the furnace was in normal production. The furnace greatly enhanced the company's production capacity.


Following the furnace, the company invested RMB 65 million for the technological transformation and products deep-processing projects. In March 2008, RMB 20 million was invested for the technological transformation project--"the use of pure oxygen combustion technology to enhance the level of energy-saving emission reduction". This project was completed in October 2008, with the capability of energy-saving 9.45 million cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to 11,400 tons of standard coal.


In August 2008, the company invested RMB 45 million to build a new fiberglass production line of wet thin carpet, which is the largest line in Asia with the designed speed of up to 150 m/min and width of 3300mm. The single-line production has the capacity of 160 million square meters.


In 2008, the company succeeded in developing an internationally advanced product - fiberglass coated mat, which is mainly used in new type of gypsum board surface, with the excellent ability of moisture-resistance, fire-resistance and higher intensity. The product has applied for national invention patent. The company is one of the two manufacturers capable of producing such fiberglass coated mat in the world. In October 2008, the company actively expanded the production scale of fiberglass coated mat, invested five million to build a new world-class coated mat production line, which allows the company to achieve the production capacity of 30 million square meters.


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