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Six utility model patent certificates have been State-authorized
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2009-2-25 17:35:58
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On 25 February, 2009, Changhai Company has 6 utility model patent certificates state-authorized. The six utility model patent certificates are all about Changhai fiberglass products, containing chopped strand mat, wet thin carpet, stitch combo mat stitch mat, batter separator and fiberglass coated mat. The six utility model patents were declared on 23 June, 2008. Also, an invention patent for fiberglass coated mat was reported.

Through years of development and independent innovation, Changhai has been able to compete successfully in the fiberglass industry. The company has been focusing on science and technology and increasing R & D inputs. In 2007, 8 million RMB was invested in innovation products development and in 2008 the amount was reached 10.3 million. Scientific research input brings output. In 2008, the company invested successfully the new product-fiberglass coated mat, and the new product was welcomed by the United States market.