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Light Weight Chopped strand Mat Light weight chopped strand mat is made of E-glass is made of fine E-glass strands that bonded together by either emulsion or powder binder. It's suitable for car headliner and for application where good laminated surface is requested.<
Chopping Roving for Headliner It is specially designed for hot press molding automotive headliner manufacturing. It has good fiber distribution which contributes to a good finished headliner surface. It has excellent molding property so the finished headliner will not
Roofing tissue S-RM mat is mainly used as substrate for water-proof roofing materials. The asphalt mat that is made with S-RM series base material has an excellent weather-proofing, improved seepage resistance, and longer service life. Therefore, it is an ideal base m
Battery separator tissue The battery separator tissue is chiefly used as the base material of lead acid battery separator. The compound battery separator with S-BM series mat possesses a good vibrating resistance with a good starting ability and longer service life.
Batter separator As an essential component of battery, battery separator is widely used in cars, motorbikes and other motor vehicles. At present, there are mainly three types of battery separators in Chinas market--AGM separator, PP separator and PE separator. The A