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protitle_bg.pngPCB(Printed Circuit Board)Tissue
    • PCB(Printed Circuit Board)Tissue

PCB电子毡是生产 CEM-3 的主要基材之一。我公司在国内首先开发生产的 E 玻纤电子毡产品已成功地应用于 CEM-3 型覆铜板的生产上。经过国内外广大 CCL 厂家使用表明我公司的玻纤纸其性能已达到或超过进口玻纤纸水平,用我公司 E 玻纤纸生产的 CEM-3 型覆铜板其主要性能指标经测试已达到或超过国内外同类产品的各项指标,尤其是它的耐热性更加突出。在中高档家用电器特别是高频头数字、电子信息LED照明用CEM-3 型覆铜板已得到应用。

PCB fiber glass tissue is specially used as the base material in the copper-clad laminate of type CEM-3. This type of tissue is characterized by its smooth visual quality, excellent electrical feature and heat resistance. Being uniquely compatible to epoxy resin matrix, this type of mat enables the CCL product to reach the specifications set by IPC-4130 and comparable to that made of fiber glass woven roving. Applicable to industrial electronic devices, CCL with fiber glass tissue base is well received by the market because of its processability by punching and drilling. The successful application by the CCL producers has proven that the PCB tissue developed by this company is comparable to similar products in the world market in terms of physical and chemical properties and is reliable in the CCL production.

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