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protitle_bg.pngCoated tissue for Gypsum sheathing
    • Coated tissue for Gypsum sheathing

Fiberglass-faced gypsum sheathing provides the mold and moisture resistance to both protec- tect your next project from the elements and provide the high recycled content to contribute to LEED pointes as well. Developed for use in commercial and residential applications under a broad range of exterior veneers including brick, stone, metal, wood and vinyl as well as EIFS and curtainwall systems. This kind of gypsum also adds structural strength, fire resistance and a warranty for up to 12 months of exposure in normal weather conditions. It is avaiable in 1/2鈥 and 5/8鈥 thicknesses, a 48鈥 width and lengths of 8鈥,9鈥,10鈥, and 12鈥. Plus, it鈥檚 lighter and easier to handle than other glass 鈥揻aced gypsum sheathing. It is the glass mat-faced gypsum that offers the most benefits in your project鈥檚 construction process and contributes the most value toward environmental certification.

Performance, durability & Green building credits

Fiberglass-faced gypsum sheathing features an enhanced gypsun core sandwiched between naturally mold- and moisture-resistant fiberglass-mat facers. This provides excellent exposure durability for up to 12 monthes. In addition, the high recycled content of this kind of product contributes valuabke credits to LEED and other green-building system certifications.

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