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protitle_bg.pngChopped Strands for Thermoplastics (PP/PA/PBT)
    • Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics (PP/PA/PBT)

热塑性短切原丝108(PP),116A(PA),116H(PA,耐水解),109(PBT)由玻璃原丝短切而成,表面涂覆硅烷型浸润剂,适用于增强PP,PA,AS/ABS,PET,PBT POM,PPS and PC等。具有优良的集束性和流动性。


Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics 108 (PP), 116A (PA), 116H (PA, hydrolysis resistance), 109 (PBT) come from the short cut glass strands. The surface is coated with silane type size. Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics are designed for reinforcing PP, PA, AS/ABS, PET, PBT POM, PPS, PC and so on. It has excellent cluster and fluidity.

Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics are mainly used in injection and compression molding processes and its typical end-use applications include automotive industry, home appliances, valves, pump housings, chemical corrosion resistance and sports apparatus.

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